Color Up

  • 品牌: VIVA DECOR
  • 型号: Product 1
  • 奖励积分: 400
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Color Up

Individual bags, shoes and belts

With the extensively covering special paint for leather or leather-like synthetic textiles, bags, shoes, belts or other accessories can be designed creatively.

The elastic and rub-resistant water-based paint dries semi-gloss and is resistant against moisture and snow.

  • elastic and rub-resistant
  • resistant against moisture and snow
  • water-based
  • semi-gloss

Color Up processing:

Thoroughly remove silicon and wax residue from the surface. The sub-base must be clean and oil-free for good adhesion. Pretreat very smooth material, e.g. patent leather or pleather, possibly with very fine sandpaper, until the leather surface is napped.

Then carefully clean the leather surfaces with cleaner‘s solvent or acetone cleaner. For smooth application, apply the first color layer with a trowel or sponge and let dry for ca. 2 hours. Apply second layer and let dry for 24 hours. This process enhances the rub-resistance and elasticity of the paint. 

Color Up  color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 200-Yellow200-Yellow
  • 210-Coral210-Coral
  • 400-Red400-Red

  • 410-Pink410-Pink
  • 452-Brown452-Brown
  • 602-Dark-blue602-Dark-blue
  • 700-Green700-Green

  • 710-Kiwi710-Kiwi
  • 715-Turquoise715-Turquoise
  • 800-Black800-Black
  • 901-Gold901-Gold

  • 902-Silver902-Silver
  • 903-Copper903-Copper
  • 904-Champange904-Champange
  • 905-Bronze905-Bronze

  • 906-Metallic906-Metallic

ColorUp 400 50ml 
Art. no. 1112 ... 36
Content 50 ml


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