Block It - it's so easy!

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Block It - it's so easy!

After drying, simply rub off

Apply „Block It - Paintblocker“ wherever you do  not  want color to appear on the fabric.

  • water based
  • quick drying
  • can be rubbed off
  • stir well before use

Block It Handling:

  • stir well before use
  • wash textiles before designing

Block It Processing:

Apply designs with Block It - Paintblocker freehand or using a stencil and allow to dry. Design the surface with color over Paintblocker. After drying, simply rub off the Paintblocker."
Iron the fabric to set the paint.

block it farbblocker
Art. no. 1182 100 50
Content 250 ml


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Suitable substrates

kleidung papier