Grunge It

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Stylish unperfect!

Grunge It

The textile paint – for light fabrics in a casual look – penetrates deep into the fabric and is distinguished by its pleasant feel. Special effects in grunge style made simple due to the liquid consistency: Whether rolled, painted, stamped, or blotted… Grunge It is anything but dirty!

  • water-based
  • low viscosity, penetrates into the fabric
  • very soft feel
  • suitable for light fabrics

Grunge It preparation:
Stir well before use..
Prewash new textiles. Do not use fabric softener.
Suitable for textiles with up to 20% synthetic fiber content.

Grunge It processing:
Grunge It can be painted, dabbed, rolled, stencilled, and stamped if desired, even with recycled materials, such as corrugated cardboard, packaging chips, or wooden boards. Apply with desired technique and allow to dry.

To set, cover with parchment paper and iron at highest possible temperature (acc. to care instructions).

Grunge color palette

  • 100-White100-White
  • 200-Banana200-Banana
  • 400-Love400-Love
  • 401-Berry401-Berry

  • 450-Leather450-Leather
  • 451-Mud451-Mud
  • 600-Marine600-Marine
  • 601-Denim601-Denim

  • 700-Forest700-Forest
  • 701-Army701-Army
  • 800-Black800-Black
  • 801-Concrete801-Concrete

grunge it

Art. no. 1118 ... 48
Content 150 ml



Suitable substrates



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