Crackle It

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Crackle It

Craquelure look in Black & White

Textile paint for anyone looking for unique effects in casual black & white. Crackle It stands out with its unusual craquelure look because the „imperfect“ is en vogue. Whether on bags, textile shoes, or clothes, Crackle applications always look super cool!

Crackle It is available as a set only, in two versions:
Set Crackle It WHITE and Set Crackle It BLACK

  • water-based
  • Paint cracks during drying
  • suitable for light and dark textiles
  • very high opacity
  • can be stenciled

Crackle It preparation:
Stir well before use.
Prewash new textiles. Do not use fabric softener. Suitable for textiles with up to 20% synthetic fiber content.

Crackle It processing:

Apply Primer STEP 1 in two coats. Apply first coat thinly with brush, allow to dry or blow-dry until the primer has dried transparent. Repeat this step once more.
Apply paint Crackle It STEP 2 generously over the dried primer, using a brush, or spread thinly with spatula and dry with a blowdryer.

When stenciling, the stencil remains on the fabric during the entire design and drying time (Step 1). After applying the paint (Step 2), the stencil must be removed immediately.

Apply with desired technique and allow to dry. To set, cover with parchment paper and iron at highest possible temperature (acc. to care instructions).

Crackle It color palette

  • 571-White571-White
  • 573-Black573-Black

crackle it set
Crackle It BLACK
Art. no. 8001 573 48
Box 143 x 95 x 53 cm

inka gold premium
Step 1 - Primer

crackle it black
Step 2 - Textile paint

crackle it set white
Crackle It WHITE
Art. no. 8001 571 48
Box 143 x 95 x 53 cm

crackle it farbe white