• 品牌: VIVA DECOR
  • 型号: NF-801
  • 奖励积分: 600
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Unicorn Magic

Textile paint with magic unicorn glitter

Unicorns bring glitter to life – and with our new Unicorn Magic kit, t-shirts and bags can glitter as well now!

Textile Glitter is a creamy textile paint with magically sparkling star glitter, which is easily applied, using a brush and stencil or painting free hand with the pen.

The magical sparkle begins as soon as the paint has dried.

Follow your dreams and be more Unicorn!

content unicorn magic

8-piece complete kit, textile design

  • complies with EN71-3
  • water based
  • can be applied cleanly and easily
  • quick drying
  • all color shades are mixable
  • for textiles with up to 20% synthetic fiber content
  • after 72 hours, designed textiles are washable at 30°C (86°F)

Unicorn Magic preparation

Wash new textiles without fabric softener before designing. Follow fabric care instructions. Protect pen from frost and heat.

Unicorn Magic processing

Place parchment paper between the fabric layers as a protective layer. Fix the stencil on fabric and apply textile glitter directly from the pen.

Remove the stencil while the paint is still wet and clean it as soon as possible.
Allow the Textile Glitter to dry and fix with light pressure at medium ironing temperature while covering the paint with a baking paper or ironing paper.

Creative Tip:

Write or print the text template and place it between the fabric layers (works only with light fabrics).
Trace text with the textile glitter pen. Allow to dry and set by ironing.


Unicorn Magic textile glitter color palette

  • 401-Fuchsia401-Fuchsia
  • 601-Light-blue601-Light-blue
  • 601-Light-green601-Light-green
  • 901-Gold901-Gold

800153901 Einhornzauber Set

Art. no. 8001 539 01
Size 23 x 17,5 x 2,5 cm


4 x textile glitter (gold, fuchsia, light blue, light green)
2 x stencils
1 x brush
1 x flyer with instructions


pen 30grad waschbar

Suitable substrates

kleidung Kunststoff

Flyer / Instructions


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No. of Cores 1